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"A job well done... Top-rated among Churches"
We here at First Assembly of God have a great vision for our community to see that our young citizen have a chance at a great life free from SIN! And the power of Satan that is over many in our community. That is why we are reaching out to our community with our "Advance Christian Development Classes" every Wednesday Night .
"Voted the number one Pentecostal Church in the area"
People testified this is a old time Pentecostal Assembly of God Church.  
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"First Assembly of God is the best place in town for people to find a church home. We will be very happy if you would come for a visit."
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New Classes for 2014
Advance Christian Development Classes
Beginning Wednesday January 2 
At 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 P.M.
With refreshment afterward 

We have a class for the Senior Adults. This class will address the problems that senior adults face in everyday life, from like of money, death of a love one, health care, to children and grand children. This class is a must for senior adult, taking them back to the Bible the source of strength and healing.

We  have a class for Young Adults. This class will address the issues that young couples face today, like divorce, drugs, alcohol, pornography and parent responsibility of raising children, right from the Bible giving them answers to all of life's problem right from the Word of God. 

We have a class for Teenagers. This class address the issues that teens face at home,at school, as well as use of drugs, alcohol, pornograghy, teaching them Godly principals for living an overcoming life right out of the Word of God. 

We have classes for the Juniors and primary. These classes teach the Word of God in a way the student can understand. 

Bring Your Family out on Wednesday Night from 6-7 p.m. for Advance Christian Development or we can come and pick you up in our Van or Bus if you will call ahead of time. Call 409-837-5706

More about First Assembly of God Colmesneil go to:
Darlene Burns she is my blood sister preaching under my tent in Woodville, Texas. Message :"Your Adversary"
This is my old Gospel Tent and Trucks when I pulled it around preaching the Gospel Message. (The Going Home Ministry) trying to get a people ready to go Home. Seen great Miracles under this old tent. He is still doing it today!!! 
Great News !! 
We now have Children's
Church on Sunday Morning & We have a nursery for the little children.